Microsoft confirmed that Microsoft Office will be ready for iOS devices on March 2013

Microsoft company is working on Microsoft Office for both iOS and Android and it should be released for March 2013. It was confirmed from product. What we do know that it was supposed to be ready for November however it seems that they need more time for it.

For students who plans to get Microsoft Office for iOS devices, it will be widely popular for school, business and others. For students, image if it comes out by today, you probably would say “It is exactly what I do need since I need to feel comfortable to lay on the bed or couch to do my homework instead of sitting on the chair to use desktop or laptop.”

So far what we do know that Pages, Keynote, Numbers apps from Apple is still great however it is probably different than Microsoft Office. We have no way of knowing if Microsoft Office can cost more or less than them. We have reason to believe that they should be almost same costs similar to Pages Keynote and Number apps from Apple. We all shall will find it out upcoming March 2013.

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