For best creative logo with our name, the winner is…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have pleasure to make announcement. The winner is Etien Rodriguez Ortiz and he earns $100 free iTunes gift card and congratulation to him for best creative logo with name for our Apple Deaf News. Here is the votes as “like” result to see it in the below. We counted it as last 12:04am with share the post on our page and recent posts by others on Apple Deaf News.

We would l

ike to say thank you to Marcelino Sanders and Dino Comanto for trying their best to win and they did fantastic job. I want everyone to cheer for them as “like”. Again, thank you for vote.

Etien Rodriguez Ortiz- 99 + 22 = 121 voted as “like”

Marcelino Sanders- 93 +21 = 114 voted as “like”

Dino Comanto- 61 + 6 = 67 voted as “like”

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