Google releases YouTube Capture app allows you to easily record and share videos


Google recently released new app called “YouTube Capture” to App Store this afternoon that allows you to record video and upload it to YouTube right from your iPhone.  We found this very interesting since it is set up for quick and easy recording and also come with basic editing with color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks.  You also can share it to Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and of course to own favorite YouTube too!  Some customers do wonder why it was not included in YouTube app for iOS to add it however it shouldn’t be problem.  What do you think of new app?

“Once opening Capture, users can shoot new video or use existing footage from their camera roll; from there they can apply some automatic color correction filters, trim the video, and even apply a soundtrack. The app automatically starts uploading video as soon as you’re done shooting, and it also helpfully includes a landscape lock reminder to help cut down the blight of vertically-shot videos that are being taken these days.

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