Madden 25 for iOS is available now and free-to-play

Madden 25 for iOS is available now and free-to-play

If you’re a mobile gamer and/or a football fan, you know that it’s time for the new Madden NFL game. This year marks the 25th anniversary of thefranchise, so Madden has set aside its usual numbering

 system (based on the year) and is calling the game Madden NFL 25. As you would expect from EA, the game has not been released on Android, but iOS users can get the game right now.

The big news for this year’s Madden game on iOS is that EA has decided to make the game free-to-play rather than charge the usual $6.99 that Madden has
cost on iOS in the past. Of course, the choice to go free-to-play has some major effects on the Madden game, and you may not appreciate them. You can gain coins and cash by playing the game of course, or you can spend real money to get coins and cash. Coins can be used to purchase players in the Auction or card packs to improve your team. 

Madden 25 for iOS is available now and free-to-play

The trouble is that whatever team you pick will be hurting from the start, because all of your player ratings will be dropped. Normally, the San Francisco 49ers are an overall 82, but if you choose them as your team, they will clock in at a 64. If you want to jump directly into full games, you may end up having to pay to be competitive, but if you follow the course of mini games and Solo tasks, you could get a good way without paying anything. Making things worse is the “energy” meter, which will limit how much you can play in a sitting unless you pay for more. Free-to-play can work well, but when there’s an energy meter involved, it is almost always a bad experience. 

Overall, Madden 25 is a good game. There are new controls to make the touchscreen experience better. But, it will all come down to how you can handle the free-to-play options. If you don’t play much, and are patient, you can get good value, but if you like to play a lot, you are going to end up paying for it.

This article was originally published on Phone Arena website.

Source: Phone Arena, App Store: Madden NFL 25

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