New iPads will not be unveiled at Apple’s media event Sept. 10


By now we are all pretty sure that the new iPhone 5S and quite possibly the iPhone 5C will be introduced on September 10 at Apple event. It is doubtful to see iPad fifth and iPad Mini 2nd to be released on same month as iPhone 5S and “iPhone 5C”. We know for sure that Apple is expected to introduce four products for a fall release, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac, mostly like we will see two different events in September and October. Last year, the iPhone 5 was introduced at media event in September while the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad were unveiled to the public in October. Most important part is we are expected to see iOS 7, Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system coming up soon this September and it will be interested to know what Apple plans to call for low cost iPhone or it could be “iPhone 5C”. Who knows and we shall will find out soon.

Source: CNET

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