Apple announces colorful Sept. 10 event in Cupertino

Y’all ready for this? Apple has invited press to a media event next week, on September 10, at Apple headquarters’s Town Hall in Cupertino, CA. The shindig kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific time/1 p.m. Eastern.

So, what to expect at the event? The announcement of a new iPhone (or iPhones) seems like a lock at this point; it will probably come in at least one new color, gold, and may sport an integrated fingerprint scanner.

The invitation shows off bubbles of varying colors, reminiscent in part of some of Apple’s iOS 7 redesign, as well as the rumor that Apple is expected to announce iPhones in a variety of colors. The tag line reads “This should brighten everyone’s day,” which could be an additional reference to the colors, as well as rumors of Apple’s plans to announce lower cost iPhones.

Apple will likely use the same event to announce the final release date of its forthcoming iOS 7 update, and may also take the opportunity to refresh some of its other devices, including the iPod touch. The company is not, however, expected to update the iPad this time around, or announce a final ship date for OS X Mavericks.

Macworld will, of course, be on hand to provide live coverage of the event as it happens, as well as followup news and analysis.

This article was originally published on Macworld website.

Source: Macworld

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