Instagram Updates Its iPhone App For iOS 7, Adds Higher Resolution Media And More

Instagram has finally been updated for iOS 7, adding a brand new, minimalistic design, and also including support for higher resolution images and videos.

The update, Instagram 4.2, is now live in the App Store. As you can see in the above and below images, Instagram is indeed more in line with the seventh iteration of Apple’s mobile OS: profile pictures are now circular, pages appear whiter, and the app feels a lot nicer running on an iOS 7-powered iPhone or iPod touch.


Instagram explains at its blog that in addition to the design changes, support for higher resolution media has also been added, and a number of more minor changes have been made:

In this update you will find that we’ve increased the size of photos and videos in your feed so that they expand to the edges of your screen. We’re also happy to say that increased size means increased resolution, so photos and videos will be clearer and more vibrant than ever.

In grid view, we streamlined things so that your content will also appear larger. We led our redesign with a focus on clarity to keep the feel of Instagram clean, simple and grounded in the photos and videos you discover and share.

As mentioned, Instagram 4.2 can be downloaded now in the App Store, and is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch

This article was originally published via AppAdvice website.

Source: AppAdvice

One Reply to “Instagram Updates Its iPhone App For iOS 7, Adds Higher Resolution Media And More”

  1. Before the IG update, I was able to download a slow video (feature offered on my iphone 5S not an app) from my iPhone 5S on IG however after the IG update, my slow video was changed to normal video. Why can’t it stay as a slow video on the IG?

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