Apple tops Coke in latest brand value survey


According to the latest reports, Apple tops Coke now in terms of brand value. The news comes from the Interbrand survey, and on Sept. 30 MSN Money shared the details.

Though Apple has had its fair share of challenges over the past year, the brand still takes top honors. The survey indicated that Apple’s brand value rose 28 percent this past year. Google came in second on the list, up 34 percent. Coca-Cola took third place, up only 2 percent in this survey.

For the most part, tech companies ruled the top 10 in the new list. McDonald’s is seventh, but International Business Machines (IBM), Microsoft and General Electric all grabbed top 10 spots. Samsung, Intel and Toyota Motor all hit the top 10 list as well.

Of course not only does Apple top Coke, but they handily beat fierce competitor Samsung, who holds the eighth spot. Will Apple top Coca-Cola over the long term as future Interbrand surveys are released? Fans of the Apple products would say yes, but Coca-Cola is no slouch when it comes to market value.

This article was originally published via Examiner website.

Source: Examiner

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