iPad mini 2 might be little bit thicker to add Retina display

iPad mini second generation is widely expected to be included Retina display coming out this month. Biggest question, will it come with Retina display? We won’t be able to know till Apple hosts event for iPads soon. If Apple plans to add Retina display to iPad mini second generation, is it possible that it could actually get a little thicker because of Retina display? Probably yes because Retina display requires more juice meaning better battery.


We won’t notice the difference if there are a couple of millimeters. Here is an example, you can feel little bit different in weight between iPad fourth generation and second generation because of thickness increased 0.6mm in iPad fourth generation to fit larger 11560 mAh battery. It could mean same thing happens to iPad mini next generation. We shall find it out soon this month.

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