Apple expected to debut new iPhones and Apple TV on September 9

It looks like new iPhones definitely coming next month. Apple is planning to host the event and announce new products on September 9th according to BuzzFeed report. The event will be focused on new features which is said to feature a new Force Touch display, an improved camera, and faster and more power-effect wireless chip.

“Like Apple events past, this one too will focus on the company’s next-generation iPhones which are expected to arrive at market with a pressure-sensitive Force Touch display, an improved camera system, and a significantly faster more and power efficient wireless chip. Sources say Apple executives are likely to show off the company’s latest iPads as well, thought that 12.9-inch “iPad Pro” seems to be a wildcard, still.”

Apple also plans to unveil next generation Apple TV at the same event. Several sources said that Apple TV will feature an A8 chip, increased storage, a slimmer chassis, touchpad remote, an improved OS with Siri voice control, and an App Store.

Source: Buzzfeed

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