List of shows and films on Apple TV+ and coming soon

Apple wants its own Apple TV+ service to be best to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other streaming apps. You can bet that they are getting there soon. We personally think all streaming services are awesome. Mankind is our number one favorite show right now on Apple TV+. We are impressed that Jennifer Aniston earned the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) award for best female actor in a drama series “The Morning Show” via Apple TV+.

Let’s check out what’s currently available on Apple TV+

“Servant” (9 episodes)

The Morning Show” (Season 1, 10 episodes)

“See” (Season 1, 8 episodes)

“For All Mankind” (Season 1, 10 episodes)

“Dickinson” (Season 1, 10 episodes)

“Truth be Told” (Season 1, 8 episodes)

“Ghostwriter” (Season 1, 7 episodes)

“Helpsters” (6 episodes)

“Snoopy in Space shorts” (12 episodes)

“Oprah’s Book Club” (Episode 1)

“The Elephant Queen Documentary”


What’s coming soon on Apple TV+

March 6

“Amazing Stories”

From the creator Steven Spielberg comes this anthology series, based on the 1985 television series of the same name, which “transports everyday characters into worlds of wonder, possibility, and imagination.”

March 26

“The Banker”

In a drama series inspired by true events, two entrepreneurs create a business plan to fight for housing integration and equal access to the American Dream, starring  Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson.

April 3

“Home Before Dark”

Inspired by the real-life reporting of nine-year-old investigative journalist Hilde Lysiak, this mystery series follows a young girl and her pursuit in unearthing “a cold case that everyone in town, including her own father, tried hard to bury.” The series has already been renewed for a season 2.

April 17


This documentary show gives viewers a look inside some of the most extravagant homes and a delves into the minds of the people who help build them.


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