AT&T offers 64GB iPhone 11 for 50% off when adding a new line to unlimited plan

If you are looking for new service or already customer under AT&T and want to add one more line, this is probably great deal. AT&T is offering the 64GB iPhone 11 for 50% off this month and still available for new and existing AT&T account.

How it works? In order to get new iPhone 11, either new or existing customer need to agree on installment plan, add the line, pay taxes on the full retail price of it, and pay a $30 activation fee. After qualify, can get $350 in bill credits applied in equal amounts over 30 monthly installments. It makes sense to see $11.67 per month instead of $23.34 on the iPhone 11 64GB. if you must have 128GB or 256GB for better storage, AT&T can offer 50% off discount on them too. The express shipping can be available with an estimated arrival between August 20 and August 24. For curbside pickup, it can be also available at select retail locations. For colors, you can choose either purple, white, green, red, yellow or black.

We have about one month left to go for Apple to introduce next generation iPhone “12” which is this fall. It’s up to new/existing customers to decide whenever they should go for the iPhone 11 or wait till next month. The iPhone 11 deal is good for anyone who would like to have simple and affordable iPhone, and don’t mind to own it for a year or two. We added iPhone 11 video right here and you can see what it looks like!

Source: Apple iPhone 11 via AT&T

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