Apple News 06-11-2020

* States Start Policing Reform related to Uses of Force * George Floyd’s brother Pleas to Congress for Police Reform * The Cases of Protester Martin Gugino with Arresting Officer charged in Assault * George Floyd’s Case to Black Lives Matter Impacts Europe * New York City Reopens 100 Days After First Virus Case * US Reopened Since and 21 States See Virus Cases Rise * New Zealand Announces with Zero Virus Cases

Apple News: 05-31-2020

  • A Woman Kept Her Grandmother’s Body Hidden For 16 Years in Social Security Scheme
  • George Floyd Protests Spread Nationwide
  • CNN Center’s Damaged During Protests in Atlanta
  • George Floyd’s Brother Statement on President Trump and Former Vice President Biden
  • President Trump Terminates US Relationship With the World Health Organization
  • NASA + SpaceX Launch Astronauts From US Soil for the FIrst Time in a Decade

Apple News: 05-29-2020

* George Floyd Protests in Minneapolis Continues* Minneapolis Police Officer Who Knelt on George Floyd’s Neck 18 Previous Complaints Against Him* President Trump Signed Executive Order Targeting Social Media Companies* UK Considers Opening Citizenship for 300,000 More Hong Kong Residents